Kristofer Hammarsten, known professionally by his last name, is a Swedish producer of electronic music, remixer and songwriter. Hammarsten's genre of music are Acid, Tech-House, Techno and Deep House.


"I've listen to electronic music as long as I can remember. It started out with a cassette mixtape of Erasure that my brother gave to me in a young age. The last two songs on that mixtape were New Life and Photographic by Depeche Mode. I had found my first love and Depeche are still the most important band to this date. I also discovered bands like Pet Shop Boys, OMD, Kraftwerk, Human League, New Order etc. from these early mixtapes. When I was 15 years old I heard Chemical Brothers and Prodigy for the first time and I was totally blown away. This was also the time when I started clubbing and the love for dance music was now a fact. Through 12” mixes I discovered guys like François Kevorkian, Frankie Knuckles and House music in general.”




New track from Hammarsten


June 18th, 2019


A Minimal Techno track.


Ableton Live

Akai S5000

Elektron Digitakt

Korg M1

Korg Mono/Poly

Moog Sub-37

Roland TB-3

Roland TR-8

Waldorf Pulse 2

Universal Audio UAD-2 plug-ins